Hello there. I took up triathlon in 2013 having decided that playing team sports in London was too time consuming and difficult. Having always run a bit, I was fairly confident in my running abilities but swimming and cycling have taken longer to come on.

I qualified to represent Great Britain at the 2014 World Championships in Edmonton, but had to pull out due to injury after being hit by a car whilst cycling in France. This required surgery on my shoulder and took a while to heal.

Coming back with renewed vigor in 2015, I qualified again for both the European Championships in Geneva and the World Championships in Chicago.

2016 saw the Europeans in Lisbon along with a first Ironman.

2017 has so far seen me hire a coach and be flogged half to death on a daily basis. However, it seems to have paid off so far with a second place in the Edinburgh New Year’s Day triathlon. The plan is to hopefully qualify for the World Standard Distance Championships in Rotterdam, and perhaps an Elite Race if I can get my swimming up to scratch. Fingers crossed.

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