TT/Triathlon bike – Trek Speed Concept 7.5

The bikes.

This bike was bought for me by my sponsors, Deloitte, and it is truly a marvelous piece of kit. Having just qualified by the skin of my teeth for the 2014 GB AG squads on a normal road bike, I now suddenly found myself much further up the pack on this technological marvel. Roughly 6 minutes faster over a normal 40km TT is huge, however over the longer distances the streamlined posture it forces you into begin to take their toll on certain parts of the anatomy…

Road Bike – Dengfu FM098

This bike I bought from China ‘on the cheap’. I know a lot of people give you stick for buying cheap bikes from China, and by and large, I’m sure they are right. Generally (they say) the carbon is lower quality and generally the bike is not put together as well. I however, have never had any problems with this bike, and would recommend Dengfu wholeheartedly. It was about 10% of the price of a frame from the normal brands and I also enjoyed picking and choosing the other components to put on it and subsequently building it up.


I have never ridden anything other than Shimano, so they seemed like the natural choice for both bikes. Both currently are running the Ultegra models, both 11 speed (although my deep rim wheels have a 10 speed cassette…). I decided to go with Ultegra due to them being much cheaper than Dura-ace and also more long lasting. The extra £500 just to save a few grams is not yet economical.

Wheels wise, I bought some deep rim sections (60 and a 90mm) off a friend a few years back and have found them to be great. The tune hubs proved to be difficult to convert to an 11 speed cassette but upon discussions with various bike mechanic friends, it turned out to be unnecessary. Thank goodness.


I do not have an aero helmet … yet. A friend (Murphy) always used to label people wearing aero helmets as ‘choppers’ but given he recently turned up to an event wearing one, perhaps it is time I reconsidered.

[STOP PRESS] I have just bought a Specialised S-Works Evade Tri which is a very aero road helmet. It is matte black and extremely good looking. One short of chopper but no doubt Murphy will say otherwise.


A BlueSeventy Helix. Top of the range stuff, but I’ve put in a lot of work into the swim recently and I managed to wangle a discount. It is very sleek and slippery.

Running Shoes

I don’t know if it is because I am lucky, or because I have just not found the right pair of shoes, but I have very little preference when it comes to running shoes. If they fit, and are reasonably comfortable, then I am happy. I have been lucky enough to never have had any problems or injuries arising in the foot area, so have never been forced into any particular brand or make.

I am currently running in a pair of Alphawoolf Kona’s which I received for winning St Neot’s triathlon. Although as I mentioned above, I have never had any problems, I find them to be very comfortable and easy to run in.


I have been using a Garmin 910XT for the past 2 years and it has been brilliant. It particularly changed my life with regards to swim training, as I lacked the mental capacity to count higher than 20. I must admit to not using the watch a huge amount mid-session or mid-race, but I very much enjoy logging and tracking everything on Garmin and Strava.


Bloody love this website. It’s great. An essential part of any athletes gear.